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DONATONY – is a brand offering quality, reliable and durable steel baths and shower trays.


DONATONY bathtubs and shower trays are made by stamping of high-quality steel cold rolled sheet with a low carbon content. Sheet thickness ranges from 1.0 to 1.5 mm. The production process consists of several stages; they are cutting blanks, cut-off corners, hood bowl bath or shower tray, bowl contour cutting, punching the drain / overflow, flanging, bending bead welding process loops. At all stages, there is control of these processes, preventing defective blanks to enter the next enameling stage.

Enamel is the second main material used in the manufacture of DONATONY baths and shower trays. The enamel is prepared with a special technology of high-quality components brought from different countries. The composition of the enamel provides a stable durable coating. High grip ensures the preservation of all the properties of the enamel during the life of the product that is at least 10 years.

At the stage of enameling the rough products consistently pass the stages of chemical-degreasing, rinsing, additional chemical degreasing, cleaning in stagnant water, passivating, drying. Prepared for the enameling stage the products are primed and put into the enameling booth. The enamel topcoat is put by air spray that provides even coating of the workpiece. The coating is followed by drying and firing. In the firing process there is a process of lasting connection of the base coat to the metal and creating a holistic decorative layer of the enamel. The thickness of the enamel is 0.35-0.45 mm. After a gradual cooling the products are checked again and then packaged.

The customer is offered DONATONY steel trays of different sizes - 70х70х16, 80х80х16, 90х90х16 and shapes - square or semicircular, as well as DONATONY baths of length from 1.05 to 1.8 m., that allows to choose the optimal variant of a bath or a shower tray for decorating bathrooms and summer cottages.

The use of high quality raw materials and relatively low cost give the consumer the opportunity to appreciate the benefits of DONATONY products by aesthetic parameters, the resistance of enamel coatings to the effects of the environment, hygiene and ease of maintenance.


At all levels of the production process every product undergoes a strict quality control. Finished products pass a mandatory leak-proof testing.

РостестAll the DONATONY products meet the requirements of the Russian standards and have been approved with GOST R Certificate of Compliance.

ISO 9001Production of the DONATONY products is certified to the ISO 9001 International Quality Management standards.


A service life of DONATONY products if strictly following the installation and operation instructions will be not less than 10 years. All the products have a one year warranty.

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