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LYTCHO TM offers the Russian market reliable and long-lived of high quality. Flexible water pipes by LYTCHO are an example of a good combination of technologies and materials applied for its manufacturing which ensure high quality of the products and competitive price at the same time.


Flexible water pipes by LYTCHO are marked by high consumer properties achieved by means of applying qualitative materials and components when manufacturing them.

Nipple and conjunctive elements – coupling nut and connecting pipe with thread are the most important elements which directly affect the lifetime and reliability of the pipe. Nipples and conjunctive elements of the LYTCHO flexible pipes are made of qualitative brass CW614N which complies with brass LS-59 according to the Russian classification. Conjunctive elements of pipes are nickeled.

Nipple is firmly connected to a braided rubber tube by means of a crimping steel lining. The tube is made of ethylene-propylene caoutchouc EPDM, so-called nontoxic rubber. This material doesn’t emit harmful substances when contacting water. Due to this fact it is allowed to use it in drinking water supply systems. EPDM is resistant to high temperatures which allows applying LYTCHO flexible pipes for mounting heating appliances and hot water supply (up to +95 oС).

External braiding provides the products with high strength and resistance to outside mechanical effects and to harsh pressure drops and jumpings in the working environment. Wire made of AISI-301 stainless steel is used as the material for braiding in LYTCHO pipes. Qualitative braiding of 8 fibers allows the pipe to withstand working pressure of more than 10 atmospheres.

Captive nuts are completed with padding for tight connection of the pipe to other elements of water supply systems.

Special assembly technology for the braided tube and conjunctive fittings guarantees correct and secure connection of these elements. Weldless wire made of AISI-304 stainless steel is used to crimp the braided tube in the flexible LYTCHO pipes.


Working pressure – 10 atmospheres
Working temperature up to +95 °С.


The surface or the tube has the name of LYTCHO trade mark engraved on it.

The hoses for all the pipes are equipped with stickers having the name of the trade mark, working pressure and temperature data and a bar-code on them.


Products are under strict quality control at every manufacturing stage. Final products undergo obligatory strength test.

РостестAll the LYTCHO TM products meet the requirements of current Russian standards and have a GOST R conformance certificate.

ISO 9001The manufacturing of flexible piping by LYTCHO TM is certified according to international quality management standards ISO 9001. LYTCHO flexible pipes meet the European CE requirements.

Civil liability is insured in accordance with the Russian legislation.


The lifetime of LYTCHO TM products is more than 10 years provided observance of rules concerning mounting and maintenance.
The warranty period for all the LYTCHO TM products is 8 years.

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