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RAZMORINI TM presents high-qualitative and modern heating radiators at the Russian marketplace. RAZMORINI radiators are designed according to the highest European quality standards and the latest design trends.


RAZMORINI radiators are manufactured by means of pressure casting followed by mechanical work cycle including section assembly, factory pressing under pressure of up to 3.7 MPa, corrosion prevention treatment and 2 step-electrophoresis-coloring. High-qualitative aluminum alloys ensuring consistency of performance, perfect section casting technology, repeated quality control after each operation and reliable gasket material ensure high strength properties of RAZMORINI radiators.


Aluminum RAZMORINI radiators are optimally adapted to Russian operating conditions. Their working pressure is 1.8 MPa, while maximum working pressure is 2.8 MPa. They can be used at maximum heat carrier temperature of 110° С. Bimetallic RAZMORINI radiators combine steel and aluminum in their construction, which allows solving problems characteristic for Russian heating systems, such as high water pressure and specific chemical composition of water, facilitating corrosion process. Working pressure is 3.0 MPa, maximum working pressure is 6.0 MPa.


Meeting all the requirements to raw materials, obligatory for getting qualitative final product, feature RAZMORINI radiators. Special alloy ADC12 is used when manufacturing these radiators. It consists of 82-83% aluminum, 11-12% silicon, 5-7% alloying addition (iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, copper, silicon, titanium). Such composition gives strength and resistance to alkaline medium to the alloy. It is adapted to Russian operating conditions and is highly corrosion-resistant. Steel collectors built in the cases of bimetallic RAZMORINI radiators are made of carbon alloyed steel and assure high strength and insensibility of the radiators to heat carrier quality.


Innovative technologies applied when manufacturing RAZMORINI radiators make them outstanding among similar products at the Russian marketplace. They are marked by high heat emission and low heat retention, which enables quick responding to the external environment changes, e.g. room temperature or heat carrier temperature. Low heat retention considerably reduces operating costs of the heating system. The design of the sections is considered thoroughly making it possible to withdraw cold air from the underground effectively. Therefore so-called “comfortable warmth” is created in the room (when the warm air stream is directed to the center and spread around the whole room, producing even distribution of convection and radiant heating).


Sectional radiators made of aluminum alloys are elegant, light and have high heat emission. They are extremely popular at the Russian marketplace. With a wide choice of the number of radiator sections – 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ones – you can easily select the configuration meeting individual features of the room. RAZMORINI radiators have a stylish and elegant design with smooth lines satisfying the highest esthetic demands. The design of the radiators is well-considered which makes it possible to apply them in different kinds of interior – they will fit for both classic and avant-garde styles.


The manufacturing plant works according to quality management system ISO 9001:2008. The products are certified according to the standards TUV, CE EN442 and GOST R. The warranty period for all the products by RAZMORINI TM is 10 years.

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